It’s hot in summer or maybe want to see the breeze in winter, how about having one place which can provide the shelter for both.. That’s the spirit can be found by a man, where the mountains are the shoulder the give on weight. Yet being picturesque with the surround of a rurality, Man Mountain Villa provides all the hospitality you want to melt down your heart, and that’s guaranteed. We provide all kind of sensation to your mouth with Organic naturally made courses.Sri Lankan authenticity is one of our signature to bring and serve your desire, so that the taste too. Backdrop given by the Colonial Ceylonese is the ring of mountains to our Villa, yet a bungalow type residence for your convenience irrespective of the season change. Our doors are opened always with warm welcome just for you!

Saman - Deluxe Quad Family Room

starting from $85.00

Manel - Deluxe Quad Family Room

starting from $85.00

Nelum - Deluxe Double Room

starting from $75.00

Araliya - Deluxe Double Room

starting from $70.00

Olu - Deluxe Double Room

starting from $43.00

Man Mountain Villa

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A villa in the top of a mountain, created by a British Coffee Planter named “Man” during the era of British Endemicy in 1870. With the ascension of time the villa came to known in people who live by the village, “Man Mountain Villa” which made a great contribution towards the relaxational Sri Lankan authentic accommodation.

About Us

Stunning Viewpoint (Walagamba Pavilion)

We were in a timeline where the culture was frozen still the beauty of nature remained untacked. You are always blessed if you had a chance to see the beauty by your own eyes. That’s the best capture for your entire life. We demand you a valuable point of view which gives you an lifelong opportunity to see the entire down hills within your stay at us, in Walagamba Pavilion which we own.


Sri Lankan authenticity is the signature of cuisines brought to the worldwide from the pearl of Indian Ocean. We provide you the unforgettable mouth watering intense with your dedicated cuisine menu at the restaurant with your word-to-serve chop up. Our highly skilled chefs will serve the best experience to your bein which makes you to remark the stay with us.

Natural Pool

Waving to the energy of naturally endemic watering to your body is nothing but the best gift you can present yourself and your loved one with pleasure. Our Pool promises you the best vibe surrounded by a fence of trees and flower lines with tranquilizing fresh water to drown your body with the heavenly relaxation.

Our visit to Man Mountain Villa was such an amazing experience. Atmosphere was really comfortable and relaxing. We were welcomed with a great hospitality. Staff was friendly and professional.

From Los Angeles, California

Amazing hotel!! One of my all time favorite hotel. The location is beautiful, the hotel is well kept, the staff are super friendly, the food was absolutely delicious and the facilities were great.

From Melbourne, Australia