About Man Mountain Villa

A villa in the top of a mountain, created by a British Coffee Planter named “Man” during the era of British Endemicy in 1870. With the ascension of time the villa came to known in people who live by the village, “Man Mountain Villa” which made a great contribution towards the relaxational Sri Lankan authentic accommodation.

We at Man Mountain Villa, could not resist seeing the beauty is getting banished and stood up to share the wander with wanderlusts like you by making this revolutionary livinghood to a paradise of relaxation to your visit.

Legitimate and facilitated to provide all kind of accommodations and food servings on a hilltop breeze, within a flick you will be amazed and that’s our most beloved signature.

WHY GUEST CHOOSE Man Mountain Villa?

Planning a vacation is just an obsolete method now a days, so that we tend to give you the best experience here with us from the very entrance that you put forward in.
We have a dedicated team of local guide experts who expertise in making you feel you belong to the land you put feet on. Mesmerizing mountain chains, village rurality and culture will be your best companions during your stay with us.
Our high recommendations, Mathale Aluvihara sacred temple and the Sigiri Rock Fortress are within a easy reachin radius, and tourist attraction became very friendly to our hotspot! You just have to book a date and come packing your bags. Rest is taken care by us with a big heart.

Hotel statistics

489 Guest Stay