Kandy City Tour

Delighting to the heart of nature incarnation in Sri Lanka, the city of hills, Kandy can be coronate with no oppose by both locals and foreigners. Highlighting for Kandy city walk, Sri Dalada Maligawa (aka, Temple of Tooth Relic of the Lord Buddha) is the best auspicious and most sacred place to pay a visit and obtain religious activities in the meantime. In adjacent to the Temple of Tooth Relic you can find the Kandy Lake which is man made to protect the palace as well as adding extra layer of serenity to the landscaping. Peradeniya Botanical Garden is one of the main attractive natural gardening scape where you can spend your free time more relaxed respecting the natural formations. You can have highly modernized shopping experience with a bow to the authenticity as well as natural beauty where it’s very rare to see in any other country or continent in the world. Coming to the rural sides of Kandy district, neighboring some great ancient ruins and temples can be located on your travel. Please feel free to walk anywhere around with dignited feeling of “I am on the last great kingdom of Sri Lanka”. So as to a dedicated tour around kandy city, you may inform us early if you eager to an arrangement. We provide the best out of best where no other guides will offer you.